Advice from Job Search Strategists

In so many ways this is an unprecedented time for job seekers.  The job market is uncertain and the timing of recovery is uncertain.  The world seems out of control, and it is certainly out of your control.  However, there are a couple things to focus on:

  1. Focus on daily pleasing the Lord and walking with Him. He promises to direct your path if you trust and obey Him (Prov. 3:5-6).

  2. Focus on what you can control in your job search.

Following is a list of advice for these times from top recruiters and job search strategists:

  • Keep applying! There are still thousands of jobs out there.  Be persistent.

  • Leverage the power of LinkedIn. Relationship building is moving online and LinkedIn has become the platform of choice for many employers and professionals.  What does your LinkedIn profile say about you?  Now is the time to update it.  Now is also the time to connect with people in your career field, to comment on posts, and to strategically post articles that demonstrate your passion for and knowledge of your career field.

  • Did you lose a job due to this crisis? Don’t binge-watch the latest series.  Use your new extra time to hunt for your next job.  Job-hunting IS your job.  Put the time in and it will pay off.

  • Be patient and persistent. Job hunting and preparation for job hunting can take many weeks.

  • Define your job search process, create a daily schedule, and stick to it.

  • Practice online interviewing. Everyone will be doing this very soon.  Learn to answer behavioral interviewing questions on video with confidence.  (BJU Career Services can help you with this!)

  • Network, network, network! Most jobs are filled by someone who knows someone who knows someone.  Talk to your friends and colleagues. Tell people you’re job searching. Ask who they can introduce you to. Offer to help them, too.

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