FOCUS2 2016

Wondering what career is right for you? FOCUS 2 CAREER now available to all BJU Students!

FOCUS 2 CAREER guides you through a reliable, intuitive career & education decision making model to help you choose majors offered at BJU, explore occupations & make informed career decisions. The cutting-edge design will engage you in the career planning process helping you to plan for and achieve career success throughout your lifetime.


Click HERE to create a FOCUS 2 account and gain access to personalized career information.  Use Access Code: BJUBruins.


Some things you can do:
  • Complete 1 or more assessments and then click “Combine Assessments” to view jobs that fit your unique combination of strengths, interests, and values.
  • Click “What can I do with a major in . . .” and see jobs typically associated with a major.
  • Click on any job that interests you to do a deep dive into what that job  is really like.
. . . and much, much more!




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