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Current Opportunities: Who is hiring right now?

Despite the bleak news there are still a LOT of companies who are hiring right now.  Check out this list and apply for some jobs today!


Update: May 11, 2020:

WYFF Channel 4 has compiled a list of Greenville-area companies who are hiring right now: lists the 100 companies that have the most new job listings on their site this past week:
Job search site lists 81 companies that “want your applications now”:
Many of these are medium to large companies with needs outside the product or specialty areas they are normally associated with.  There are often opportunities in a variety of areas including marketing, communication, administrative support, IT, customer service, sales, finance, etc.  Be willing to start by  “getting your foot in the door” with a great company, showing them what a great employee you are, and being in the spot to seize future opportunities as they appear.

Check out Staffing Agencies

Many companies do not post jobs themselves but work through staffing agencies.  Google “staffing agency” for your location to see opportunities that might not show up elsewhere. 


Staffing agencies in the Greenville area include:

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